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We can help you choose your wedding song too

Wedding Songs

Choosing your wedding song can be daunting, there are so many love songs out there, it’s easy to create a long song list, but it can be hard to decide which will be the wedding song for your First Dance.

The good news is that we teach all styles of partnered dancing, plus we can also create and tailor make a bridal dance to suit classic love songs through to quite eclectic tastes, so that leaves your song options wide open if you are having your wedding dancing lessons with us.

Choose your song to suit your personalities and to reflect the mood of how you want to dance your First Dance whether you like love songs or other popular music. We teach traditional styles of Bridal Waltz daily (they are still the most popular), we’ve taught all the Latin dances as a First Dance, and then a weird and wonderful assortment of funky dances, hip hop, disco, bollywood, polka, dirty dancing, pulp fiction styles, even heavy metal.

You can even create a mix of 2 or 3 songs for your bridal dance, start traditional and then merge into something funky and fun.

As a general guide, especially when you have not danced before, it is helpful to know that the speed of the wedding song can determine how easy or hard it is to learn your dance. Very slow music requires more skill to make it look interesting and graceful, very fast music can be harder to learn simply because it takes more skill to move comfortably at speed.

‘At Last’ (Etta James or Beyonce version) is a classic love song that is slow and romantic yet easy for beginners to dance to. Slower than this is not a wise choice for beginners.

‘Pretty Little Thing Called Love’, ‘Save The Last Dance For Me’ and ‘Sway’ by Michael Buble are faster paced love songs and easy for beginners dancing. Faster than these songs is inadvisable for beginners.


At the end of the day however, it is YOUR wedding, YOUR wedding song, YOUR First Dance, so be as traditional, contemporary or creative as you want with your wedding song list, we’ll back you up all the way whatever your choice of song and of course, we’ll assist you with choosing your wedding song if you need guidance.


Song List

We keep an updated list of songs for the wedding dance that are currently in vogue and that are easy for dancing and are happy to provide you with a copy on request.

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Free Bridal Waltz eBooklet

Our free e-booklet, ‘All You Need To Know About The Bridal Waltz’ contains lot’s of interesting info and tips about the dance, types of dances, choosing the wedding song, traditional and non-traditional options, when to perform the dance and various other things to consider for your big day.

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Contact our friendly staff by email or phone to discuss your needs and book your lessons.


William Rebecca Vo Wedding songs selected to their needs


We honestly loved the bridal dance lessons! From helping us pick the special song to choreographing our dance, your warm, relaxed and flexible teaching style was perfect for our needs. We really appreciated your gift in explaining what we deemed to be complex moves in laymen’s (and often comically memorable) terms and felt completely at ease as you guided us through every step of the way, giving us feedback whilst incorporating our input. The whole experience was an absolute blast and we couldn’t have been happier with the overall result on our wedding night. “

-William & Rebecca Vo


We thoroughly enjoyed our wedding dancing lessons. The teacher understood what we wanted and was able to develop a first dance to go with our music and with our skill level. We had lots of fun at our dance sessions and it was the probably the most entertaining part of the wedding night!

-Kylie & Dave Farnsworth

Kylie Dave Farnsworth wedding songs that fit your needs

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