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A personalised First Dance in any dance style you want

Wedding Dance

Call it what you will, the Bridal Waltz, the First Dance, the First Wedding Dance, the Wedding Dance, the Bridal Dance – all that really matters is your own vision of your dance and getting the right lessons to achieve it the way you want, whether it’s simple or extravagant.

Where the Bridal Waltz is a traditional part of a wedding, by no means does the dance itself need to be an actual waltz dance or even traditional if that’s not your personal taste.

Personalised Dance Lessons

We teach all styles of partnered dancing and our savvy teachers can create your first wedding dance just the way you want it whether it’s a traditional and formal Bridal Waltz, a classic Ballroom dance, a hot Salsa, a sensuous Latin dance, a sexy Tango, Rock’n’Roll, Pop, Disco, Hip Hop, and more, we even have a great two step ‘First Dance for dummies’ for those that just can’t cope with anything more.

Our wedding dance lessons are not just about learning steps, they are also about learning how to look good for your First Dance, to look natural, confident, comfortable and to look like a couple.

We can’t promise how much dancing we can teach you in a short space of time, everyone’s learning speed and potential is different, BUT we do promise that we will adapt a dance to suit your needs and potential AND you WILL look nice dancing your Bridal Waltz / First Dance for your wedding.

Dancing Styles

Our students’ requests vary tremendously but mostly fit into five main categories and often the same words are used when they tell us what they want.

  1. “ We don’t really want to dance much….. we just don’t want to look stupid!”
  2. ” We just want a few basic moves so that we don’t look awkward and so that we at least look like we know what we are doing for our bridal dance”
  3. “We want a nicely put together but simple dance with a bit of a twirl, maybe a dip, and to look smooth, natural and comfortable and really look like a couple”
  4. “We want to take it a bit further and add some fun (funky or even crazy) elements to really get the party started”
  5. “We want to dazzle and wow our guests with a polished First Dance and virtually be the floorshow for the reception”

If any of these categories reflect your own feelings about your First Wedding Dance, be assured that our teachers can and will deliver the wedding dance that’s just right for you.



The First Wedding Dance of Dimity FabianDimity Fabian at their First Dance

“Our dream idea for our first wedding dance was turned into a beautiful & fun reality! You made it so easy for us beginners to follow & look spectacular in the end after a short period of time – the crowd loved it! We still remember the steps & have a shuffle whenever we hear our song! (LMFAO Party Rock Anthem)”

-Dimity & Fabian Schonbucher



Tammy Jake first dance ofter Wedding Dance Lessons


“We thought lessons would help us relax and to enjoy our dance on the day. Our tutor was fantastic! We didn’t want anything over the top and we ended up with a simple but effective wedding dance; which was exactly what we wanted and really enjoyed”  

Tammy & Jake

Vivian Owen Lee Wedding Dance


“Owen and I found the lessons great fun. We only had 3 lessons and we were able to feel confident in our dancing ability – which is saying a lot because we are very uncoordinated dancers! The Bridal Waltz on the day was fun and we had many wonderful comments afterwards. Many thanks!”

-Vivian & Owen Lee


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