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Look natural, confident & graceful for your Wedding Dance

Gift Vouchers and Prices

A wedding or engagement gift that is remembered for a lifetime

Our Gift Vouchers are for specialist private wedding dance lessons which means one dance instructor is teaching the bridal couple exclusively for the lesson, creating a personalised dance suited to their chosen song. One lesson is 55 minutes duration.

Gift Vouchers are for lessons for one couple (2 persons), may be used at any of our current locations and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.


Wedding Dance Sampler -

$95 Buy

This voucher is for 1 x 55 minute private lesson. This one lesson will not be adequate as a one-of before their wedding, (see the Wedding Dance Experience Voucher if that’s what you are looking for), however it is ideal if you just want to give the couple a good start for their dance, or, you’re not sure (or they aren’t sure) if they want to dance and this will be a trial lesson for them. Couples can use this ‘sampler’ lesson to seek advice about any aspect of their dance and/or music or bring their selected music and get straight down to dancing.

Wedding Dance Experience  -

$190 Buy

This voucher is for 1 x 110 minute lesson. The lesson is either a solid start for a couple who is intending to have some dance lessons for their wedding or else a one-shot quick-fix for couples who just want some basic know how for some quick’n’easy moves and a dose of confidence to save walking out onto the floor on the day just shuffling around awkwardly & self consciously. Also suits couples that are reluctant dancers, you want to encourage them to give it a go, but the likelihood of them doing more than one lesson is pretty slim.

Invitation To The First Dance -

$270 Buy

This voucher is for 3 x 55minute private lessons. These lessons will give some basic steps and moves to dance to their chosen song with the emphasis to have them looking comfortable and natural and like they look like they know what they are doing (even if they don’t!). Suits those who want a simple dance and to know what to do so they don’t look awkward, uncomfortable or boring for their First Dance.

Fabulous First Dance –

$430 Buy

This voucher is for 5 x 55minute private lessons. In these lessons they’ll not only learn more but will be able to pull the dance off with more certainty, confidence & competence. It will give more steps and attain a smoother and more natural look than what could normally be achieved in less. There is opportunity to implement more style & know-how and add some twirls and a dip and make them look good too. The five lessons will definitely have them dancing nicely and give better opportunity to relax and remember what they’ve learnt without pressure and virtually eliminate nerves and reservations and have them thoroughly enjoy the moment on their wedding day.

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Vouchers for more lessons for the bride and groom or a combination of Bridal and family or Bridal Party lessons are available on request.  Please contact us with your needs.