How will your guests talk about your bridal dance?

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After all your months of wedding planning and organising so that your wedding day is the fulfillment of your dream, do you want your guests to walk away raving about your wedding and then say “but we are going to have dancing lessons for our wedding because we don’t want to look boring like that couple whose wedding we went to last week?”

You will probably never hear that said about your wedding as no-one is going to say that to your face, but I hear it every single day when couples enquire about wedding dancing lessons.

It is one of the most common motivating reasons for many couples deciding to have dancing lessons for their wedding dance.


This week alone I’ve had two couples phone me for emergency lessons only seven days and ten days before their wedding and both couples rang for the same reason. They had previously not worried about their dancing and felt happy to just ‘make-do’ because they felt they had neither the time nor inclination to have dancing lessons.

But both couples had been to a wedding last weekend where the bride and groom could not dance and just shuffled around the dance floor for their bridal dance and they thought it was both awful and boring and realised they did not want to look like that for their own wedding dance. Both couples, despite being in the midst of all the last minute wedding arrangements, immediately changed their schedules for the week and organised some lessons just to avoid looking that way.

I do understand that if you can’t dance or have no interest in dancing it may be quite logical for you to not consider dancing lessons just for that few minutes on your wedding day, however I’m sure if you heard the stories that I hear in my position, you would take a different view.

Perhaps a part reason is not knowing anything about dancing and believing that you cannot dance (so why bother) is the reason, however this really is all the more reason to have a few lessons so that you at least look like you know what you are doing for your wedding dance.

Where many people get the wrong idea, is that learning a dance for your wedding dance does not actually mean that you have to learn how to dance. Some people just don’t have it in them to learn to dance in a few lessons, but again, all the more reason to get help. The objective of dancing lessons for your wedding dance is to learn something that is within your capabilities so that you at least look half decent for your wedding dance.

If you are really awkward, have three left feet, no rhythm and consider yourself totally uncoordinated and hopeless then it stands to reasons that without lessons you are going to look pretty awful for your wedding dance. So even the most simple simple steps, perhaps even just choreographed walking, are going to make a considerable difference and will salvage this awkward moment of your wedding day.

If either the bride or groom or both feel stupid trying to dance then it’s almost a given that they are going to feel stupid and probably also look stupid for their wedding dance, yet it’s so easy to overcome that with just a few wedding dance lessons.

You should always choose what you want for your wedding, every aspect of it, and not do anything because of what other people say, but do consider the dance and how you want it remembered, not just by your guests but your own memory as well.

Hopefully any of your wedding guests that may ring me after your wedding are going to say we’d like some lessons because our friends looked so nice at their wedding, rather than ‘we don’t want to look awkward and boring like they did”!

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