Are Bridal Dance Lessons Worth The Effort And Expense?

Are Wedding Dance Lessons A Waste of Time & Money

Some couples don’t feel their First Dance is an especially significant moment of their wedding day and therefore feel that dancing lessons are an unnecessary expense or that the time and effort required to learn a dance is not worth the bother.

Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if you weren’t debating the issue or weren’t feeling unsure about deciding whether to have dance lessons, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.

Probably the most common reason I hear for not wanting to bother with dancing lessons is that the First Dance is only a couple of minutes of the whole wedding day and that it seems to be a lot of fuss for just those few minutes. However the other side of the coin is that for those few minutes all eyes are on the bride and groom centred on the dance floor and there is nothing to do but dance.

If you do not know how to dance with a partner, have never had any ballroom or Latin dancing lessons then the odds are pretty high that without lessons your First Dance will be spent holding each other in some fashion and shuffling around or swaying form side to side, usually quite awkwardly or self consciously.

Now this may not concern you at all however you may find it interesting to note that a vast majority of the couples that come to us to book lessons at the last minute, just weeks and sometimes even days before their wedding, have just been to someone’s wedding the weekend prior where the bride and groom looked awful as they shuffled awkwardly through their bridal dance. They call us in a panic as they’ve realised that they don’t want to look like that on their own wedding day.

Taking dance lessons does not mean you have to learn to be expert dancers nor conform to anyone else’s ideas of ‘good dancing’, many couples come for bridal dancing lessons to just learn enough basic steps and simple moves so that they don’t look silly and awkward  for their First Dance. The confidence gained in lessons and then end result of even a couple of lessons make the exercise very beneficial for them.

Wedding dance lessons are a lot of fun and they are one of the few things that a couple does together as a shared activity in the lead up to the wedding, many couples will claim their dancing lessons were the best part of their wedding preparations.

It does not take a lot of lessons to make a huge difference for your First Dance, making that moment of your reception a memorable high point for yourselves and your guests.

I’ve yet to hear of a couple that has regretted taking dance lessons for their wedding, but I most certainly have heard many stories from couples who regret that they did not take them.

If you’re reading this as part of your research for making a decision about dance lessons for your own wedding, I’ll conclude with this piece of advice: If you don’t know whether you want bother with the time and cost of dancing lessons then book just one lesson to find out for yourselves properly. Experiencing a lesson and the difference it can make for your First Dance is the only way you can really make an informed decision and also avoid regrets after your wedding.

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