Tali and Ben’s very romantic bridal waltz

Tali and Ben instructed us to create a romantic and stunning dance for their Bridal Waltz and in this video you’ll see highlights from their dance on their wedding day.

 Their dance is a good example of a traditional looking bridal waltz that is contemporarily styled so that parts of it look like a waltz to a non-dancer whereas in fact their dance was a slowed and modified version of a Latin American dance, the Cha Cha Cha. Using this dance style as the foundation of the choreography enabled us to introduce elements from Latin dancing to give the dips and twirls that the bride wanted and also allowed a flowing and rhythmic movement which suited their music better than a strictly traditional dance style.

 Using the Cha Cha Cha as the basis of their dance also gave the groom an advantage as the flowing movement of the steps gave the illusion that he was dancing more skilfully that he was in reality.

 Tali and Ben worked well together as a partnership and although they wanted a fully choreographed dance with beautiful twirls and dips they also kept a strong focus on achieving unity and harmony as a couple which is the key to looking good for a bridal waltz. You can see in the video that they do indeed look good dancing together and their bridal waltz was very intimate and romantic.

 More importantly than all the technical aspects of the dance and the choreography however is that truly enjoyed the lessons and the time they spent together in their dancing lessons in the lead up to the wedding and that their bridal waltz was one of the highlights of their wedding day and a lifetime treasured memory for them and we thank them for sharing their video with us.


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