Top 10 ways to make your bridal dance a disaster

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The whole purpose of having wedding dancing lessons is to achieve the dance or the look you want to make your bridal dance a special moment of your wedding day. For many couples the objective is simply to be able to dance a few basic dance steps looking and feeling natural and smooth as a couple with maybe a dip and a twirl for the bride.  Other couples want a more polished dance with some flash moves so that their bridal dance is a highlight of the wedding reception and their dance skills a surprise for their guests.

Despite having wedding dancing lessons a couple can make their bridal dance a complete disaster in a number of ways, here are the top 10 to avoid!

1.    Insist on dancing in your wedding gown without the train bustled up

Dancing in a gown that has a train trailing on the floor is an invitation to problems as either the bride or the groom will step on it or trip on it, it’s a simple matter of physics.

2.    Leave dancing lessons to the last minute

Of course you can get help at the last minute, but the pressure you’ve put on yourself by doing so reduces the fun of the dance and reduces what you can do and what you can learn. You are also trying to learn your dance in the middle of any other last minute wedding preparation panics.

3.    Don’t practice between your lessons

If you don’t practice between your dancing lessons you’ll use up your lessons doing the practice you should have done at home.  It’s practice that will commit your dance to memory and practice that will make your bridal dance look smooth and natural.

4.    Push your partner beyond their comfort level

You may have grand aspirations about what you want to do for your wedding dance, but if your partner is not comfortable with that and feels unnatural trying to do those things then your dance will look and feel uncomfortable and unnatural no matter how hard you try.

5.    Get upset when you can’t do what you want to do

Dancing is a skill that is acquired by learning and practice. You may not have the capabilities of learning what you want to dance in the time before your wedding, you may not even ever have that capability and getting upset because you can’t do what you want serves no purpose other than to make yourself and your partner miserable. Striving for unrealistic dance goals can make your wedding dance a disappointment.

6.    Overchoreographing

Too many steps or steps that are too complex for your skill level will result in a  dance that looks awkward. Demanding to learn more dance steps when the ones you have already learnt still look unnatural results in an overchoreographed look that is not what you want for your bridal dance.

7.    Trying to be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers instead of just being yourselves

Don’t get carried away when you achieve some nice things in your wedding dance lessons and then try to glamorise the dance out of perspective.  This is your wedding first dance, it’s about you and your partner and is not a stage performance, it’s personal.

8.    Insisting you want to dance ‘freestyle’ when you’ve never had lessons before

Dancing freestyle in ballroom and Latin dancing is much much harder than dancing a set routine and is also not possible unless the man knows how to lead which is a skill that takes much longer to learn than some basic dance steps. A set routine is far easier to learn and to dance easily and comfortably.

9.    Criticise your partners learning abilities

Everyone has a different learning pace and if your partners pace is slower than yours it won’t help them if you criticise them, you’ll just make the whole dance experience a hardship for both of you and add pressure to something that should be pleasurable.

10.  Demand perfection

Don’t lose the plot and demand perfection from yourself or your partner because your wedding dance is not about perfection, it’s about looking good together as a couple dancing your First Dance as husband and wife – that doesn’t need perfection, it just needs some team work.

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