Some tips for the very uncoordinated

Some Tips For The Very Unccordinated

Many students that I teach come to their first lesson embarrassed about being uncoordinated but as the lesson progresses I can see they don’t really have a huge coordination problem it is simply that they have never learnt to dance or never done any activity that requires good coordination.

If you can walk then you have adequate coordination skills to be able to learn a dance for your wedding. Whether you can learn a little or a lot is not the issue and whether you are a slow or fast learner is also not the issue. The issue is to be able to dance together on your wedding day and look like you know what you are doing and look like a couple.

Aside from having lessons to learn what to do, there are a few things you can do in your planning to get the best result in a short time and these include the following points.

Keep your focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do. If you look around at what others can do there will always be someone better and if you constantly compare yourself to them you will always feel uncoordinated or less than desirable.

Choose music with a clear and simple beat, in 4/4 timing. If you can’t immediately hear the beat in the music and tap you feet confidently in time to the music, it’s not simple. The most obvious thing that people notice about poor dancing is when the steps are out of time with the music, so choose music that you can easily follow.

Choose a medium tempo song, not too slow and not too fast. Most people realise that fast music is harder for dancing, but many believe that very slow music is easier and make their wedding dance so much harder because of it.

Professional dancers make slow dancing look good because they know how to express dance through full body and arm expression and extended movement which takes considerable skill to make it look good as well as interesting. Without those skills slow steps to slow music do just look quite boring and it’s very rare that untrained and inexperienced dancers can make a dance look comfortable and interesting – the slow music and movement actually amplifies a lack of skill.

Have a choice of several songs at your first dance lesson so that the teacher can help you choose the one that is easiest for you to dance to.  Often couples choose a song because it’s the one they like the best but the song should be chosen for the purpose for which it is being used which is for dancing. Of course, you have to like the song, but it’s not much use if it is hard for dancing.

Have your first lesson well before the wedding, even well before you are ready to continue the dance lessons, so that you can get a better idea of what it is going to take to dance how you want to for your wedding and so that you can schedule your lessons realistically with that knowledge. You may find it’s easier than thought and be happy to have more lessons closer to the wedding or you may find the opposite but at least you will know the reality and can then plan accordingly.

Have your lessons well in advance so you’ve plenty of practice time as it is the practice that you put into it between the lessons that will give you a smooth and natural look. Have short but frequent practices rather than long practices where you try to get it perfect in a session. Practice alone as well as together.

Don’t choose a dance before you have your first lesson, the dance you choose might look great when performed by other but it may be too difficult for you to learn in the time you have before the wedding or it may not even suit you. Let your teacher advice you which dance or dances suit your song best and let them advise which dance will be easiest for you to learn and best suit your skill level and personalities.

Keep your focus on your improvements in lessons and a realistic end result – you are not going to be turned into real dancers in a few lessons and that is not the objective anyway.

If you started lessons hopelessly uncoordinated and gawky and after a few lessons are able to do a few simple steps with your partner in your arms, in time to the music and looking fairly relaxed then you are way ahead and should be just enjoying the whole exercise and looking forward to getting out there on your wedding day and looking better dancing than you ever have before.

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