Our wedding dance videos are a collection of videos of our students wedding dance, some peeks at their dancing lessons and some video testimonials at their lessons . You can browse these pages or see the full list of titles here : full list of video titles

Domenic and Susan L.O.V.E Sept 2015

Domenic & Susan had no dance experience and low expectations from dance lessons, they were so blown away by the success of their bridal dance they took the time to send us this video only 12 hours after their wedding reception.

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Steph & James Stunning Wedding Dance

Steph and James had never danced before and were determined to make their wedding dance a highlight of their wedding day. Steph considered herself uncoordinated, clumsy and ungraceful and thought her dancing ability was laughable. James didn’t have a clue what to do and readily laughed with Steph about his lack of dancing ability. Despite…
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Jess & Josh best wedding dance

A very romantic, intimate and graceful First Dance with some beautiful twirls and dips. This wedding video shows the lovely results of their wedding dance lessons

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