Planning Your Wedding Dance Wisely

How To Plan Your Bridal Dance

The First Dance for your wedding is one of only a small handful of things that cannot be bought, made to order or delegated to another and what you can achieve for your dance is entirely dependent on your skills.

The first essential ingredient is the song you will use for the bridal dance, it should be music that is suitable for dancing and if you have not danced before it should be a song that is easy for dancing.

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The dance you do or can do is defined by your capabilities and learning a specific dance that you have your heart set on is reliant on your efforts and teamwork as a couple to achieve it.

If you cannot dance or have never danced properly together as a couple or never had any dance lessons as a couple, it is unwise to choose a dance you’ve seen in a movie or a video and decide that it’s is the exact dance that you want to learn because you would not have a proper understanding of what it will take to learn that dance and the choreography.

Of course, if you are planning something like this six months or even a year before the wedding and you are prepared to put whatever is need into it to achieve your goal, that is a different story and go for it by all means.

But deciding on an exact dance and expecting to learn it in a handful of lessons only a month or two before your wedding day can lead to disappointment as it just may not be possible for you.

To avoid disappointment it is much wiser to use the video as a demonstration of what you would like to do ‘to the best of your ability’ and instruct your teacher that you’d like to ‘look like’ this dance as much as possible within the timeframe and the number of lessons that you have.

I once had a couple come for a first lesson just two weeks before their wedding day demanding to learn the exact choreography of the famous dance from the movie Dirty Dancing. They’d never had any dance classes prior and ten minutes into their first lesson they realised with great disappointment that their goal was unrealistic and they had to change their plans at the last minute to find something more achievable.

If you consider you have two or three left feet, are very uncoordinated or have no sense of rhythm the wisest plan is to have lessons early (several months or more before the wedding) with the goal of achieving a dance that suits your chosen song and that you can dance comfortably and look like you know what you are doing without too much effort.

Conversely, have a single lesson really early, six months before the wedding if you are feeling worried about it, so that you can experience and understand more about what it is going to take to be able to do the dance you want. Your teacher’s advice will be valuable input for you and you will be able to plan your wedding dance confidently, realistically and wisely.

Whatever your dance aspirations, start your dance lessons well before the wedding and schedule them so that there are at least 2 to 3 weeks ‘spare’ to allow for contingencies such as missed lessons or need of more classes than originally planned.

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