Coping With Your Partner Having Trouble Learning To Dance

What To Do If Your Partner Has Trouble Learning To Dance

The average bridal couple tend to find their wedding dance lessons a surprising fun and rewarding time to spend together in the lead up to their wedding day and our instructors make the effort to keep the lessons light hearted and fun as well as formal learning.

However some couples can experience some frustration if they find learning to dance more difficult than expected and can run the risk of missing out on the enjoyment of the lessons.

The most common cause of frustration is where one partner learns easily and the other is much slower and patience and communication skills can be put to the test.

The fact that you learn more quickly that your partner or can remember the steps and movements with less effort  does not therefore imply there is anything wrong with your partner or that they aren’t trying hard enough. Everybody learns at their own pace and this is very visible in dancing as it involves mental comprehension as well as motor skills.

It serves no purpose to pester your partner and to try and understand why they may have apparent learning barriers as generally patient demonstration and physical repetition and revision is what will bring about results.

Whether those results manageable by your partner reach the level of your expectation or not should not become an issue between you as upsets over that then defeat the whole purpose of having dance lessons and the reason you are having them.

Even in your partner is struggling to manage a couple of dance steps you do need to remember that those couple of steps are well ahead of what they could do without dancing lessons and your bridal dance will be better off for it.

I have had to console many brides and grooms during lessons where one partner had trouble learning to dance and the crux of the problem has always been that the partner who is not having trouble has a set vision or a set idea of what they ‘think’ they should be able to achieve for their dance and regardless of their partner’s ability, wants to achieve it.

Learning a bridal dance together is quite an exercise in team work in a relationship and like any part of any relationship compromise must be involved. Your dance may not be as extravagant as you hoped, it may not be as smooth as you’d wish, but if you do a quick reality check and look at your partner’s dancing ability right now compared to their first lesson, or before, you will see the difference. Your focus should be on your partner’s individual improvement, no matter how little or how slow, and not on your own standards of progress.

Our teachers are very versatile and flexible and in some cases we do have students who just can’t learn more than one or two steps in their course of lessons, but creative and clever choreography can disguise that and make it look so much more by utilising their partners skills.

This is actually one of the specialist areas of teaching a bridal dance because the object is not necessarily to teach perfect dancing, the object is to teach a couple whatever is needed, be it simple or complex, to be able to look like they know what they are doing, to look like a couple for their first wedding dance.

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