Organising a flash mob dance

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Organising a flash mob dance can be one of those things that’s great in concept but tends to fizzle out into nothing when you come up against reality.

A flash mob dance is just fabulous fun at a wedding and can really make the wedding celebrations start off in a huge bang.  The dance itself can be really really simple steps and moves because it’s not the actual dance that is the key element in a flash mob, it is the group activity, everyone involved, everyone dancing, it is exciting and it really creates an amazing group spirit.

The downside is however, organising people. If you ASK people, some will be keen, others willing, other reluctantly willing ‘only if everyone else is going to do it’, and others will be uncooperative and unwilling to move out of their own comfort zone for the sake of the group activity.

And here’s the crux of the matter, do you ask everyone politely and give them choices  or do you state what you want for your wedding and almost demand that everyone is involved?

About 80% of the enquiries we get for flash mob dance lesson and choreography fall through flat because the bride and groom are politely asking everyone if they will be involved, But the key to getting it going is to state clearly from the outset that this is what you want at your wedding and just calmly and firmly organise everyone. There will always be those that just refuse to dance, that’s just human nature, but if you work it right from the start a large percentage of your guests will participate.

It’s not unlike trying to hold a fancy dress party, when you first announce it you get some people embrace the idea with enthusiasm and others would prefer not to wear fancy dress. But if you just organise the party, announce it is fancy dress and state on the invitation that the ‘dress code’ is fancy dress, then everyone comes in fancy dress albeit some go the full distance, others more conservatively, but generally everyone gets into the spirit in one way or another.

If it’s the bride and groom organising, you’ll need to have the support of your bridal party, getting people organised like this takes quite some effort and persistence. Likewise, if it’s the best man or maid of honour doing the organising, you first need to rally up the support of the whole bridal party and get each member of the groups to organise a set list of persons.

If the bridal party are on board with the idea from the outset then you have a reserve plan of a bridal party dance if the flash mob dance falls through.

The hardest part of all however, is getting everyone together for lessons or practice and if you ask everyone when they can make a practice time you’ll end up tearing your hair out in frustration.

Approach the livewires of your friends and relatives first and get them on board and hopefully the enthusiasm will brush off on those that are hedging. The bigger the group grows the easier it is to get others to join in.

A good idea is to set a date way in advance for a pre-wedding party, picnic or pot-luck supper, send formal invitations and whoever comes is automatically part of the flash mob.

You can have a dance teacher come along and just announce on the spot to everyone that you are doing a flash mob dance at the wedding and that this is the surprise lesson and practice day.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t have to be a large group to get a flash mob thing happening, a group of 10 persons can easily fill a small dance floor and the dance can be a real knock out.

So if you really want to have a flash mob dance at your wedding you have to let everyone know that you really want it, be industrious in organising or get someone who is a good organiser to do it for you, stick to your guns and you will make it happen.

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