N.T. Sept 2012

We wanted to say how amazing our overall experience was in getting wedding dance lessons with you.

When I say overall, I mean from the very first lesson the teacher took us on a journey in creating our masterpiece. The routine he put together to our chosen song was beautiful and really reflected ‘us’. The journey was not only in building on our routine, but it also became a special time for us to connect together each week and our teacher really helped to build upon that. His belief in us eased our stage fright fears and it really showed in our final dance. To say it was amazing does not justify how wonderful we felt.

Thank you so much – not only for putting a fantastic dance together but for the passion you show, and connection with others in what you do. This really made the whole experience much more meaningful to us and we will never forget those lessons in the lead up to our big day – which were just as enjoyable as our wedding day 🙂

We would have no hesitation in recommending your service to others seeking dance lessons, as it definitely became so much more to us than just that.

N.T. Sept 2012

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