Looking Your Best For Your First Dance

Paar an Hochzeit - Braut und Bräutigam

The aim of having dance tuition for your wedding first dance is not to become expert dancers and to ‘put on a show’ but simply to look your best as you take to the dance floor for your first dance as husband and wife.

This remains the primary goal regardless of whether you want to dance the most elementary bridal waltz or to impress and amaze your guests with a sensational  wedding dance.

Despite best intentions sometimes the simple objective of looking your best can get overlooked once the dance lessons progress and attention shifts to learning steps and choreography. This often becomes the case when after a couple of lessons students realise they can dance more than they thought possible and start to get carried away with flash moves, twirls and dips rather than learning and concentrating on the skills that make the steps and choreography look good.

 Taking dance lessons for the purpose of learning just one dance in a short timeframe can become much more complicated that it needs to be if you do not have a good experienced instructor who has a solid background in teaching beginners and is creative in making basic dance steps look good with simple variations of steps, combinations and gestures.  

It is much more desirable to be able to dance a few steps and variants of them looking your best dancing as a couple than it is to attempt a complex routine with intricate steps and still look stiff and ungainly.

We urge our students to keep a firm reality on the reason for having wedding dance lessons and remind them that whatever style of dance they do, the real wow factor comes from looking smooth and natural and dancing like you belong in each other’s arms. When you achieve that, even simple steps in a basic dance routine will feel magic and will look magic too.

If after a few lessons you still don’t feel good dancing the basic steps than you quite probably don’t look good either and if your teacher is not revising technique to achieve a more natural look you should tell them you are not comfortable and ask for continued revision before moving onto more steps.

If you are struggling or concentrating really hard to remember steps then you will also not be looking your best because that intense concentration will transfer to your body and make you look tense or even awkward. Tell your instructor that you want more repetition and if it is your last one or two lessons tell them you need the dance simplified so you can remember it more easily.

None of this means that you shouldn’t aim high and I certainly wouldn’t discourage any couple from wanting to make their First Dance into the best moment of the reception. Fancy footwork and stunning dips and lifts can be utterly breathtaking but they can also be totally demolished by awkwardness and lack of grace and fluidity.

Whatever style you plan for your wedding dance, however little or much you are able to learn from you dance coach, however basic or extravagant your dance, keep a firm grasp on the objective of your dancing lessons and target everything you do towards looking your best for your First Dance as husband and wife.

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