Looking after dad for the father and daughter dance

Father and Daughter

Amidst all your wedding planning for your wedding have you remembered Dad and thought about he feels about his moment in the limelight for the traditional father and daughter dance that follows the bride and groom’s First Dance?

Of course is Dad is a confident dancer there’s nothing to worry about unless it’s you, the bride, who needs some tips so that you can dance nicely with him, his way, and make him feel wonderful for that moment.

But if Dad can’t dance and is going to get up feeling embarrassed and just shuffle from side to side or away with you for a moment to fulfil his obligation and possibly hate every second of it, it would be nice if something can be done to make that part of your wedding day a personal and special moment for father and daughter.

Of course the father and daughter dance is not the main focus of the wedding reception like your bridal dance is and accordingly the majority of dance lessons with father and daughter are structured to suit. It’s not uncommon for Dad to come along for just one dancing lesson or maybe two lessons, to pick up some simple steps and so that he feels he knows what to do and won’t look awkward or silly. Even more than the dance instruction, the lessons will give him a huge boost of confidence and generally alleviate his nervousness about getting up in front of all the guests.

On the other side of the coin, there’s the Dad’s who want to enjoy their share of the limelight and want to be more involved and make their father and daughter dance second place only the bride and groom’s First Dance. Some want to go all the way and even surprise the guests with a planned and choreographed dance, often a fun or humorous dance is chosen.

If it suits the theme of your wedding virtually anything can be done for the father and daughter dance. I recently taught the Twist dance routine from Pulp Fiction to a father and daughter, at his request. He’d always loved the movie and the dance and wanted to have the fun of the lessons with his daughter before the wedding as well as put on a crowd pleaser at the wedding reception.

Having Dad get up for a traditional waltz style dance and then surprising guests by breaking into something  modern, funky or even a cult dance can add to the fun of the reception and help get the party going after all the formalities.  Choosing a current hit song (at the time of writing Gangnam Style is a good example) can be extraordinary fun for the father and daughter and because it’s familiar to your guests can get feet tapping and the dance floor filled very quickly.

But of course, that’s not for the faint hearted and certainly not the most common choice.

Dad really just wants to put his best foot forward for his special dance with his little girl on her wedding day, however much or little he wants to make of the dance.

Dancing lessons for father and daughter are readily available at any dance studio who offers wedding dance lessons or private dance lessons and are highly recommended to help Dad make the most of that special and often sentimental part of your wedding reception.

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