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I’ve just come home after teaching a couple for a one-of emergency lesson for their wedding in 48 hours from now. Although they are very happy with what they learnt and the dance I managed to put together for them in a flash, I also feel a little sad because only a short way in to the lesson they realised they had more dancing ‘potential’ than they’d thought, (that’s what good teaching can do by the way), and like many others’ before them told me that they now wish they had have planned a bit better and had some lessons earlier.

Although the results made us all happy, it was also a little sad because of the missed opportunity, it’s a dance for a wedding day, a once in a lifetime occasion.

At the beginning of the lesson they assured me they just wanted a few tips so they looked better than just shuffling around awkwardly for their First Dance but by the end of the lesson they were voicing regrets that they not had lessons earlier and I was the one reassuring them and reminding them that even that one lesson put them so far ahead of what they would have been without it.

I teach quite a few One-Shot lessons at the last minute, generally the same week as the wedding and even on the day before the wedding in some cases. While I am always happy to help and pleased when I see the difference that one last minute lessons has made for the couple, the down side is that about ninety percent of them convey regrets to me during the lesson, always saying that they wished they’d included the dance lessons in their wedding planning.

The most common reasons for couples wanting a one-of lesson just before the wedding is that a) they didn’t think about the dance as part of their wedding planning and b) they didn’t think they needed lessons or c) they thought it would be easy.

I can’t talk to you about planning, everyone does that in their own way, but I can offer some words on the dancing lessons.

If you think you’ll only need one lesson to learn a few basic steps or moves, don’t leave it to the last minute. It is not actually as easy as it looks to learn to look like a couple as you dance together with a partner. The basic steps for a simple dance are not hard, it is getting a natural look and coordinated movement together that takes more coaching and practice, more than can be achieved in one lesson.

Given that there’s time before their wedding most couples that think they only need or want one lesson will end up having three or more so that they can achieve a natural and comfortable look dancing together.

So if you’re one of those who think you ‘don’t need lessons’ or that ‘we can learn it easily in one lesson’, give yourself the option to be right or wrong and have that lesson at least three or more weeks before your wedding so that you can be sure there’ll be no regrets.

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