Kim and Andre – Oct 2012

Our wedding dance went so well, both Andre and I were really relaxed on the day and we got through the whole dance quite well with minimal hiccups! All of our family and friends were so impressed and amazed, they said we looked like we were really enjoying ourselves and were really relaxed.  They were particularly impressed that we were able to get Andre up on the dance floor waltzing! 

Our dance lesson experience was great – our teacher was excellent, so easy to work with and he put together an amazing dance for us. He was able to spell out the ‘focus areas’ when we needed it and was more than happy to change parts that we thought were too complex or not quite ‘us’.  I would definitely recommend him to any beginners looking to venture into the world of dance!  Andre and I both agreed though that we definitely did not practice as much as we should have at home – it would have probably have given us that additional ‘polish’ for the dance on the day, but we were happy with how it turned out nonetheless! 

You may also recall that my mum and dad had quite a few lessons too.  I told you that they also really loved their lessons – they were practicing most nights in the lounge room leading up to the wedding, and were an absolute hit! They surprised and impressed all of their friends, and had 3 dance floor solos during the wedding (compared with the ONE that Andre and I got – haha!). Everyone was talking about how great they looked and how well they danced. They are now using their new skills to go out to dancing clubs in Cabramatta with their friends, which they are loving! 

Finally, I just wanted to say thanks for all the help you gave to us in the lead up to the wedding, it was such a fun experience for me, Andre and my parents and I am so glad we had the opportunity to dance ‘properly’ at our wedding. It is something we will always cherish and remember.

Kim & Andre – Oct 2012


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