Kate and Drew – Sep 2011

When my husband, Drew, & I decided to get married we wanted it to be a big celebration rather than a traditional wedding – we had been together for 4 years already, so it was basically just a formality to us. This included our bridal waltz. We are naturally outgoing, vivacious people and wanted to push the limits to entertain our guests. I had danced with a local ballet school throughout my teenage years, so wanted to put on this grand production for everyone – Drew, unfortunately, had been a footballer.

We contacted Wedding Dance Lessons, purchased our preferred lesson package and organised to meet with our new dance teacher – the process was very simple. Right from the beginning, our teacher was so welcoming and accommodating (not to mention excited) about what we wanted to achieve. He made Drew feel very comfortable, never once giving up on us, only encouraging us to try even further radical moves than I had initially choreographed in my head! We both had a specific song we wanted to dance to – me, Harry Connick Jr’s ‘It had to be you’; Drew, MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t touch this’; and then to close it out, we decided on The Romantics ‘What I like about you’ as well. Our teacher got the best out of both of us, showing Drew’s strength and my co-ordination. He even managed to keep us on track and practicing when I broke my toe a few weeks in to our lessons and was overly upset I wouldn’t be able to wear high heels on my wedding day…!

On the night of our wedding everything went perfectly. We stepped onto the dance floor, took our places and the music started. At first, it appeared we were doing just an ordinary dance until Drew spun up the floor towards our guests and stuck his position right on cue – he is a natural. Throughout the 6 minutes, we received many cheers, ohhs, ahhs and quite a lot of laughter, which is exactly what we wanted. Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney made us look (almost!) like professionals and really added to our enjoyment and memory of ‘the biggest day of our lives’. Thank you so much for helping us build this memory and we would recommend you to anyone looking to learn how to dance for any occasion.

Kate & Drew McKenna – Sept 2011


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