How to guarantee your wedding dance will look great (for the groom)

How To Guarantee Your Wedding Dance WQill Look Great _ GROOM

Taking dance lessons for your wedding dance does not mean you have to become a dancer and contrary to common belief, does not mean you even have to learn very much about dancing. The average groom-to-be takes dance lessons because most of all he does not want to look stupid shuffling awkwardly around the dance floor for his first dance with his new wife.

Your dance lessons will most likely surprise you as most groom’s find themselves enjoying the lessons so much more than expected.

However, because of the fact that the man is responsible for leading the dance and consequently holds the greater responsibility for remembering the steps, you can also tend to put a bit of pressure on yourself to do it perfectly and as such lose sight of the whole purpose of doing the lessons which is simply to be able to dance nicely on your wedding day, look like you know what you are doing and also to enjoy the dance with your bride.

Your dance teacher will teach you a series of steps and set a routine for you to dance and a good teacher will make sure that the steps and the routine are not too difficult for you and can be remembered easily. A handful of dance lessons for a beginner is not enough to be able to dance freestyle and freestyle required greater leading skills and considerably more technique skills than dancing a set series of steps that your partner can also remember.

But even the best laid plans can go awry and there’s no guarantee that you will dance as perfectly on your wedding day as you did in your last lesson, Considering that the object is to look good rather than dance perfectly, there are few things you can do to guarantee that you dance nicely and look good for your wedding dance, even if you forget the steps or make mistakes.

You will be taught in your dancing lessons that the man leads the dance and the lady should follow which is not always as easy as it sounds because it is hard to lead well when you are not confident, however, if you don’t lead, she will and that’s where it will start to look awkward. The lady is taught to follow and if she follows you whether you are right or wrong it will still look okay and at least whatever you are doing you will be doing as a couple.

As hard as it may be, confident or not, you must take the lead, even when you are not sure, otherwise your partner does not know what to do.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, just assume that you will make them and like anything in life, aim for the best but also plan for the worst.

If you just practice your leading skills and your partner practices her following skills, then you will be dancing together and look unified to some degree, no matter what steps you do.

Practice dancing on when you make a mistake, not stopping all the time to correct your mistakes. Especially in the last one or two lessons before the wedding. If your teacher does not show you how to do this, then ask them to show you because this is your guarantee to dancing nicely, in one way or another, on your wedding day.

If you forget your steps return to the basic, relax whilst dancing that step a few times over and then do the next step that comes to mind, it will soon flow again.

Don’t let your partner correct you in the middle of a step, even in lessons, the teacher can correct you, your partner needs practice following you even when you are wrong.

Don’t change your mind mid way through a step, even though you know you know you are wrong, finish the step first then get back on track with the next step.

And whatever you do, don’t break out into white-boy moves to try and fill in a gap or a bad moment, your partner won’t be able to follow you and you’ll just highlight the stuff-up even more!

If you’ve managed to get through even half your dance you are well ahead of the game, so just don’t panic

Remember it’s a wedding dance, not a floor show in front of a critical audience, these are your family and friends watching you, they are emotional too they are sharing the moment with you, not expecting a flawless performance.

And as a last resort – if you freeze up or just go blank and are a total loss, take your partner in your arms and give her a big long kiss, then hold in your arms in a cuddle tell her you are going to start from the beginning again and then start from the beginning again. If you relax and just keep dancing, even if it’s the basic step repeatedly, something will come back to you.

And in the worst case scenario, even if you just do the basic step over and over, that’s better than what you would have done without any of the lessons, so just go for it!

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