How to guarantee your wedding dance will look great (for the bride)

portrait of a bride and her groom

Whether you are planning to dance a very simple few steps for your bridal dance or dance a spectacular choreographed first dance, the priority is still to look good as you dance you first dance as husband and wife.

A common concern as the wedding day approaches, is remember the steps you’ve learnt or worrying about making mistakes and either one of these things can spoil the dance for you if you let it.

In the first instance, remembering the steps should not be an issue if you’ve had a good dance teacher because a part of the teacher’s role is to asses your capabilities as the lessons unfold and to create the dance to suit your abilities, which includes the ability of remembering the steps.

But having said that, it is still a common worry for a couple that has just learnt to dance shortly before the wedding and who want their dance to be pulled off just the way they have learnt it.

At this point I always remind couples of their purpose in having dancing lessons, which is to look like a couple and to dance nicely for their first dance as husband and wife. The dance is not a performance to a critical audience – it is a part of your wedding day celebrations which is being shared with your family and friends, so their watching you dance is emotional and empathetic, not critical.

However, there are two failsafe rules for the bride that if closely followed, can guarantee your first dance will look great even if you make mistakes and even if you forget the routine.

The first rule sounds simple, but is easily forgotten in the face of a mistake or a messed up routine, but the first priority for the bride should be to LOOK GORGEOUS no matter what happens. You make a huge clumsy mistake, just laugh it off and look gorgeous, trip over your dress, then look gorgeous on the floor. If you look upset or annoyed then everyone will ntice and feel sorry for you, if you look gorgeous they will applaud you!.

The second rule to guarantee your dance looks great is to simply follow your partner whether he is right or wrong (and look gorgeous doing it!). You see, if you follow him even when he makes a mistake, if he does the wrong step, if he completes forgets the routine and just dances any old step, then who will see the mistake if you just look gorgeous and follow him?

 If you look upset, confused or nonplussed, everyone will notice that something went wrong. If you try to lead him to correct him you will look awkward and look like you are struggling and everyone will notice that too. But if you just follow him smoothly (and look gorgeous!), no one will notice a mistake and furthermore, because the whole idea is to move in unity as a couple, look smooth and graceful and look like you know what you are doing, who is to say what is a mistake or not, when you just follow him smoothly, maintain the togetherness and look gorgeous!

Of course, by having lessons and learning do dance properly you are aiming for the best and a part of learning to dance as a couple are the skills of leading and following, but it’s always wise whilst aiming for the best to also plan for the worst and if you can just follow your partner, no matter what, stay smooth and relaxed and look gorgeous no matter what happens, your first dance as husband and wife will be wonderful whether you perform perfectly as you’ve learnt, or whether you make lots of mistakes.

It is the best guarantee a bride can have for her wedding dance.

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