Making A Decision About Wedding Dance Lessons

Deciding About Dance Lessons

Most couples planning their wedding dance share the same desire in that they don’t want to look silly, awkward or boring with all their guests watching their first dance as a married couple and these are common and valid reasons for having some dancing lessons.

Considering that it’s desirable to look your best for every part of your wedding day the decision to take dancing lessons would be simple if those reasons were all you were taking into account. A few lessons make a huge difference, your wedding dance does not have to be a floorshow, you just want to look good together as a couple.

Yet deliberations about whether to have dancing lessons often ignore these things and are based instead on whether one likes dancing or wants to bother with the time and effort of having tuition.

You don’t need to be an accomplished dancer or even to learn very much to be able to look like you know what you are doing and to avoid awkwardly shuffling around and looking uncomfortable or out of place on the dance floor.

If you have never danced before you may be under the mistaken impression that learning a dance is complicated or that it takes a lot of time and can be put off by that idea.

But learning to ‘dance’ and learning a few steps and simples moves to your chosen wedding song for a one-of bridal dance are quite different. In taking tuition for your wedding dance the objective is more to create the illusion that you are dancing well together and to be able to do this in a short timeframe.

There are really only three main things to consider on deciding whether to have dance lessons:  are you comfortable and coordinated when you dance together?  will your guests be interested or bored watching your first dance?  do you look like you know what you are doing or do you look ill at ease dancing in close embrace?

If you don’t like the answers to those questions then it is virtually a given that dance lessons should be on your wedding planning To Do list. Tell your instructor that you don’t want anything complex that you just want some basic steps and moves that suit your personalities and chosen wedding song so that you look relaxed and coordinated as a couple.

We have a lot of couples arranging dancing lessons with us when they have just been to a friend or relatives wedding the weekend prior where the bride and groom looked awful as they shuffled awkwardly through their bridal dance. They had previously decided not to have dance lessons but changed their mind when they realised they did not want to look like that on their own wedding day.

I’ve been involved in the wedding industry for decades and I’ve never heard anyone that regretted having dancing lessons for their bridal dance, but I have heard many regrets from couple who did not have any lessons.

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