A Mistaken Belief About Scheduling Bridal Dance Lessons

Happy couple

Many couples think that remembering the dance steps is going to be the challenge of dancing lessons and believe that if they can remember the steps then the dance will be okay. With that in mind it seems sensible to have the lessons close to the wedding day so they don’t forget the steps.

Unfortunately this is not the case and this mistaken belief can lead to the wedding dance becoming a last minute pressure in the final countdown to the wedding.

Remembering the steps is far less important than looking natural, relaxed, coordinated and unified as a couple for your first dance as husband and wife.  You don’t need steps that are difficult to remember or indeed many steps to create a nice dance that can be performed comfortably, a few simple steps combined with some variations of movement can look fantastic when danced harmoniously and smoothly together.

The components involved to give the natural look are simple techniques but having learnt them does not mean you can consistently do them, it takes repetition, practice, to achieve the natural look and that is really the main reason why it is inadvisable to have all your lessons in the last weeks before your wedding day.

Although it is true you can learn the dance at the last minute, you can’t necessarily make it look good in that same timeframe.

This does not mean that you need a lot of lessons to learn a basic dance but it does mean that you should factor in some time for practice in between the lessons as this will make your dance smoother and more fluent and of course …… more natural.

Starting lessons very close to your wedding date reduces your options to change anything and increases the possibility of last minute panic or nerves. Your Bridal dance will be confined to only those things you can learn instantly and the lack of time will inhibit your choices as well as increase the chances of looking stiff and awkward because of lack of practice.

It is also common sense to factor in some contingency time, there are numerous issues that can crop up in the final weeks before your wedding day and pressures can increase as each week passes. Scheduling dance lessons to start rather than finish in those final weeks can cause your wedding dance to become one of those pressures.

The best rule of thumb for leaving your lessons as late as possible is to add in some spare weeks when you schedule your lessons and also plan to have your last class the week before the wedding. If you having five lessons for example, add in two ‘spare’ weeks plus one week before the wedding date making a total of eight weeks prior.

Your wedding dance lessons will be structured to suit your capabilities, your special song and your personalities and a dance will be created that can be learnt in your available timeframe. In addition to that, your instructor will also design the dance so that it is easy for you to remember without effort.

It is much wiser to have your lessons earlier rather than later as it allows you the advantage of plenty of practice as you see fit. Your bridal dance can be finished weeks or months before your wedding day and then revised and polished up in a final lesson just before the wedding day.

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