Don’t want to look over choreographed

Don't Want To Look Overchoreographed

Many people have a misconception about the result of dancing lessons, especially if they’ve been to a wedding where the bride and groom had dance lessons and their wedding dance was unnatural looking or you could see the couple were concentrating on remembering the steps.

The problem is not that the dance was choreographed, the problem is that the choreography was not right for that couple – they were given the ‘gourmet recipe’ instead of the simple ‘recipe’. Experienced dancers would probably have looked fabulous performing that same choreography.

You may have a wonderful teacher who can produce an amazing dance, but it won’t work for you unless that teacher can adjust the ‘recipe’ just for you, getting the result that you want without too much effort and so that you look and feel natural as you dance on your wedding day.

Quality of choreography is not how creative and spectacular it is, the quality of choreography is the skill of creating the right mix to suit your skill level and comfort level plus give you the look you want for your wedding dance.

Many couples get the wrong idea about choreography, thinking it makes the dance difficult because it has to be remembered and makes the dancing look more of a performance than a natural dance. The right choreography makes it easier for you, but over choreography is what will make it difficult and often awkward looking.

The alternative of no choreography or an ‘improvised’ dance is actually much harder to learn because the man needs greater leading skills and confidence to be able to lead the steps and the lady needs greater following skills to be able to follow those leads without knowing what step comes next. So dancing freestyle is actually much harder and will take much longer to learn than dancing a set routine.

Where you may have seen couples dancing that look unnatural or ‘overchoreographed’ the reason it looks that way is not because of choreography but because the choreography does not suit the couple or because it exceeds the couples dancing skills.

A wedding dance should be a nice balance of dance skill, dance steps and technique to be able to perform them nicely.  Just because you can do some difficult or flash dance steps does not necessarily mean that you look good doing them!

The easiest way to pinpoint the right amount of choreography for your dance is to assess how easy of difficult it is to remember the steps. If you are struggling to remember the steps and your wedding is only a week or two away, then there’s a good chance that your dance is overchoreographed.

It is far far better to dance only a few steps and dance them smoothly and nicely and look good dancing than it is to dance a complex routine or complex steps and look strained and awkward dancing.

There are enough things to worry about as your wedding approaches and you just don’t need to feel worried about remembering your dance steps along with everything else. And you certainly don’t want to be worrying about your dance on your wedding day.

If you find yourself worrying about remembering your dance and you’ve only one or two more lessons to go before your wedding then you need to tell your teacher and have them adjust the choreography to a level that you can easily remember.

You do not have to have complex choreography to make a nice wedding dance, there are heaps of easy simple moves that can be learnt quickly and performed nicely without too much skill.

You need enough choreography so that you have a variety of steps and movement to look interesting, but limited to what you can remember and perform comfortably while you are under the limelight for your wedding dance.

You want to look like you know what you are doing, and the right choreography will give you that. Choreography beyond your skill level will only amplify the fact that you don’t really know what you are doing.

The right choreography will have you looking and feeling great for your wedding dance, over choreography is like overeating, you won’t feel good and you won’t look good.

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