Deciding On The Song For Your Wedding Dance

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It is the general practice to choose the song for your wedding dance because it is a song you both love and feel the lyrics are suitable to yourselves as well as a wedding or because the song has some sentimental value for you. The style of dancing and the ‘flavour’ of your First Dance is then determined by the music.

Although we can create a dance to virtually any piece of music, it is not always possible to create one that is ‘easy’ for beginners to learn, so some thought should be put into your song’s suitability for dancing before you make your final choice.

Most styles of dance can be simplified for beginners to learn quickly and at Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney we teach a huge variety of partnered dances and can create a dance to nearly any genre of music including traditional and classic songs, rock and roll, Latin, disco, pop, ballad’s, R’n’B, swing and even heavy metal. But regardless of the style of music, there are a few simple guidelines that if followed, can help you choose your song.

If your heart is not set on any one song, bring a couple of choices to your first dance lesson and in a few seconds your teach can demonstrate which is easiest or most suitable for dancing.

Be aware of the slow music myth. Contrary to popular opinion, very slow music is NOT easy for dancing as it takes more dance skills to express slow music nicely and to make it look interesting.

Very fast music may be difficult for the bride to dance in her wedding gown. Fast music requires faster footwork and if you are not nimble on your feet it will take more lessons and more practice to dance comfortably at the fast pace.

Email us for a copy of our wedding song list to use as a guide when choosing your song. Our list contains only songs that are easy for dancing and offers some well known songs to use as benchmarks with which to compare the speed of your considered song.

You can ask your DJ for suggestions but be aware the they are not dancers and can only tell you what is popular, not what songs are suitable or easy for your bridal dance.

If you want to dance a specific dance such as the real Waltz, Tango, Swing etc, then you must choose the correct music for that dance style. Seek a professional dance teacher’s guidance for this.

Choose your music for the mood of the dance, if you want a fun or spirited dance choose lively or fun music, if you want a romantic and intimate dance choose a definite love song.

If you want to have a medley of two or three songs, especially if you’ve chosen them to ‘tell your story’, be prepared to learn a few steps of two or three different dances to suit each song.

And last but not least, the most important thing of all is that you can clearly hear the beat of the music you choose, the beat that you tap your foot to as you listen to the song. To dance ‘in time’ with the music you will need to match your footsteps to that beat and that can be very hard for a beginners with music that does not have a distinctive and easily heard beat.

If you really don’t know what song to choose, play it safe and stick to the classics that are proven easy dancing and use your favourites for other parts of the wedding.

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