How to avoid disappointment in your wedding dancing lessons

HOw To AVoid Disappointment In Your Dancing Lessons

The almost exclusive reason for disappointment with wedding dancing lessons is because of unfulfilled or unrealistic expectations of the bridal couple caused by not allowing enough time to learn what they want to be able to do.

Assuming the bridal couple are non-dancers or very beginner dancers, it follows that little is known about dancing and the level of skill it takes to perform certain dances, steps or choreography.

Despite this, many couples leave dancing lessons to only weeks before their wedding in the mistaken belief it will be easier to remember the steps. In doing so, they do not factor in the skill development that may be needed for them to learn their dance, simply because it is a new skill and one that they do not have personal knowledge of.

This is not so important if all that is required is a very basic dance so that you look like you know what you are doing however it is important if you have any specific ideas about what you want to do as it may not be as easy as you think.

If you have not done any partnered dancing before you should not form any conclusions about whether it is hard or easy for you to learn until you have had at least one lesson to find out.

No-one can actually tell you how long it will take to learn a certain dance until they have seen you in a lesson. A basic Waltz for instance can take some students just a few lessons to learn and others may struggle to learn just one or two steps in a few lessons.

Just one dance lesson puts you well ahead compared to having no lessons at all, but it’s your expectations for your dance that are the key.

To some, a basic Waltz means nothing more than being able to dance together holding each other and doing something that looks like dancing or pretty much anything that is not just standing there doing an awkward looking shuffle.

To others a basic Waltz means gliding around the dance floor looking romantic, smooth and graceful with some twirls and a dip at the finish.

To a professional, both of the above are ‘basic’ and ‘simple’.

To some students, learning one dance step in a dance lesson and the ability to dance it with their partner in some semblance of timing to the music is a huge gain. Others expect to learn a whole routine in one lesson.

The point is that no-one knows what you can or will learn in your first lesson until you have that first lesson.

So if you have a picture in your mind of how you want to look for your wedding dance or what dance you want to do, then the safest course of action is to find out as early as possible what it is going to take for you to achieve it.

If you leave your lessons to just a couple of weeks before the wedding and then find that it is not easy as you thought it would be then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

As a general guide for those who have a definite idea about how they want to dance, you should have your first lesson a few months before wedding so that you can at the very least discover what it is going to take for you to get what you want and then schedule your lessons accordingly.

We regularly teach wedding couples a dance just weeks before their wedding and we’ll happily accommodate you right up to the last minute but dance will be created according to the time you have to put into it. If you have specific expectations for your dance come and see us with plenty of time up your sleeve to ensure you get what you want.

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