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Our newlywed's share their first dance experience with you

Newlywed’s Feedback


Over the course of 5 lessons and 3 months we moved from awkward to graceful and we thank Julie for helping us choreograph such a beautiful dance

Over the course of our lessons we moved from awkward to graceful and we thank Julie for helping us create such a beautiful dance. Her flawless dance moves served as a guide for us to follow and her adaptability and dance knowledge was inspirational! We performed our dance perfectly – the emotion was captured by the simplicity and elegance of the dance. Thank you so much for teaching us such a beautiful dance.”

-Ashna & Nitesh Majithia



“Thank you so much for creating such a fun routine, it was such a great success on our wedding night as no one was expecting such an energetic and creative choreography. We will definitely recommend you to our friends as it was a great hit!”

-Sylvia and Steve Merlot


Thank you very much for creating such a fun routine Thank you very much for creating such a fun routine


Catherine Andrew Thamrin at their wedding dance


Thank you for making our wedding dance so memorable. We both had no dance background and have two left feet, yet you managed to make us feel confident to perform in front of our 150 guests. We really appreciate you specially choreographing the dance moves to suit our special request, which wowed our guests as we entered our reception

-Catharine & Andrew Thamrin



“ …… we absolutely loved it and would certainly recommend it to others. We wanted a contemporary dance, but also one that our parents/grand parents would enjoy, and we certainly had that. Our instructors were also great, and were able to tailor a dance to suit our abilities. Overall we had a great time learning the dance, and I this was reflected in the final product at the wedding, which had rave reviews from our friends and family.”

-Troy & Zoe Brewster


we absolutely loved it and would certainly recommend it to others


Nathaniel Ebony Wilson - Our teacher was amazing, wedding dance lessons...

“Our teacher was amazing! She created a lovely dance for us in a real short time. We are not great dancers, however Julie was able to give us basic steps to our music plus a little bit of flair. Our wedding dance ended up being fun and a real talking point with our friends and family. It was overall a fun experience and great chance for us to spend some much needed quality time together in the lead up to our wedding!”

-Nathaniel and Ebony Wilson


“ You provided my husband and I with some great dance moves for our bridal waltz. The lessons were great fun and we gained so much confidence over our few lessons. Our dance went off without a hitch on the night and was definitely a talking point amongst our guests! Thank you!”

-Kristy & Krit Intamanon

Kristy Krit Intamanon at their wedding dance Kristy Krit Intamanon-wedding dance lessons


Suzie Rami at their wedding dance in Sydney

“……. you were a calm rational head for our dance lessons, keeping us in check when we blamed each other for being crap as we tried to go from no dancing experience whatsoever to wowing our guests in just 2 months. And we really did, even the staff at our reception said it was the best dance they’d ever seen. It went fantastic, amazingly, perfect. Thanks for making our wedding dance so spectacular with our four left feet, we had a great time learning with you and I’ll be giving your number to my recently engaged friends!” 

-Suzi & Rami


“Our teacher was excellent; patient but honest and direct. She listened to what we wanted out of our dance and designed a routine that suited us perfectly. ……..our dance was one of our favourite parts of the wedding! Our guests loved the routine and people are still talking about it now!”

-Kristl & Chad Maropoulos

Kristl Chad Maropoulos-Their Fisrt dance at wedding


Laurel Ben Ginges at their Wedding Dance. The Dance Lessons were…

Ben says “The lessons were lots of fun and Julie makes dancing easy”. I say,”Thanks Julie for your encouragement and enthusiasm to make our vision happen! We thought our song might be too hard to dance to because it had a fast tempo, but you made it possible, and it looked great. We’re very grateful to you for giving us the confidence to do our wedding dance”.

-Laurel & Ben Ginges



“Went very well although I felt like I was going to vomit I was so nervous haha we were soo glad we done the dance and everyone commented so thank you xx”

-Leah McFadden

Nicola Graeme Dow Smith feedback left on Wedding Dance lessons sydney

“The dance went fabulously! There were even comments that Graeme looked like Fred Astaire!”

-Nicole & Graeme Dow-Smith

Sophie Chris dancing their first dance

“Thank you so much for your lessons we had a great time. Chris remembered the whole dance – I was amazed he did it!…”

-Sophie & Chris